The UN and the IMF: wolves in sheep’s clothing


The facts tell a completely different story

Inequality is rife in Jamaica. The parliamentarians put on a terrible act that they want change and are aided by the IMF and the UN. That statement should be met with incredulity considering both organisations claim to create solutions to eliminate poverty, however poverty abounds and their track records are stinker than fly invested rotting carcasses. Austerity, austerity, austerity is the IMF’s only solution even though it creates poverty and misery – ask the Greeks – and the UN creates dependency.

The IPCC report made it clear that fossil fuels are very very bad so this gave them the perfect opportunity to put forward solutions but somehow investing taxpayers money eludes them. It was reported that worldwide taxpayers subsidise fossil fuel companies to the tune of around $500 billion per annum but the IMF has not recommended that even a dollar of that is redirected to renewables. The cost of solar panels has plummeted so why isn’t the IMF lending to remove schools, public buildings and streetlights off the grid? Instead, the policies of the IMF and the UN keeps Jamaica indebted and dependent, and being involved with them is proving worse than being under the knife of a blind surgeon with a nervous tic.


The following is the opening line from a 2016 article on their website, “Jamaica’s New IMF Agreement to Support Growth, Create Jobs“: The IMF approved a new $1.64 billion loan for Jamaica, intended as insurance to support the country’s ongoing reform program to tackle poverty, create jobs, and improve living standards.


I haven’t seen any signs of tackling poverty in Montego Bay. It has got better for some though.

They really are the epitome of piss takers. The IMF is not ignorant about the economic viability of solar powered schools. Keeping schools on the grid is gross mismanagement of the public purse and no CFO would run their company like that. But the IMF has not recommended that a dollar is invested in education. Why? Are the economists stupid and incompetent? No. It is IMF policy.

In fact, their economists who work with the parliamentarians (it should be work for or aidpraise them for fiscally sound policies! So much so that in December the PM co-chaired a G20 meeting on climate financing: “We have a duty to be fiscally responsible, energy smart, and embracive of technology and innovation in this regard.” Is this a joke? Fiscally responsible?!? State owned solar powered schools are economically viable but all our schools are on the grid. Energy smart? We’ve been committed to dependence on imported US LNG whilst we burn in ‘de sun hot’ instead of utilising it’s radiation. Embracive of technology and innovation? They prefer hundreds of fires to be lit everyday to burn rubbish instead of investing in waste-to-energy.

That statement is an insult. And he gets away with it. However, the PM stated that they “have a duty” so hopefully one day they will be held accountable. If there is justice…..


We’re relying on a bunch of emperor Neroes…

In 2018 the IMF then gave it’s blessing for more debt, a $248 million loan from the Inter-American Development Bank, IDB:

  • $160 million for the Public Sector Transformation Project;
  • $68 million for the struck down National Identification System;
  • and US$20 million to further boost national security technology inputs.

The IDB claimsThrough financial and technical support for countries working to reduce poverty and inequality, we help improve health and education, and advance infrastructure. Our aim is to achieve development in a sustainable, climate-friendly way.” Another joke but we’re not laughing in Jamaica. These are the investments that the IMF and IDB have prescribed to deliver growth and prosperity? You tell me how a national identity card will deliver better results than education and do it in a “climate-friendly way.

More debts are being repaid with more austerity and suffering. Do you think the IMF or IDB are monitoring how this cash is being spent? It is Dracula in a blood bank. This is a country where 600,000 barrels of oil has disappeared into the ether and no one has been held accountable. Yes, oil valued over $43 million, gone. Like a fart in the wind.

And they have the balls to lecture about the importance of education. “Many [children] grow up not knowing how to interpret a campaign promise.” Yep, thanks to you, cheeky bastards! The bare faced cheek of this mob. You can only but marvel.

Investing in education and renewables are not seen as tools to tackle poverty, support growth, create jobs, improve living standards, reduce electricity prices, reduce debt and reduce the fuel bill. They get away with endorsing policies that are morally corrupt because of a colluding mainstream news media. The IMF needs to be booted out today. A child with basic skills in mathematics could do a better job and the same can be said of the UN.

The UN Development Programme

The UNDP professes to work to “eradicate poverty while protecting the planet.” Also, “We help countries develop strong policies, skills, partnerships and institutions so they can sustain their progress.” Their 6 Signature Solutions includes poverty, energy and the environment so one would expect the inclusion of the means to better education for all in their “strong policies”. Firstly, I must admit that their mandate is true – to aid “the development agenda of the Government“. One cannot argue with that, it is to aid the parliamentarians maintain the status quo. It certainly is NOT to aid the development of the people.

Look at the UN’s latest project to save the planet, Nightmare 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals. It is overseen by the resident UNDP. Our goal 7 is entitled “Renewable Energy” but includes information about investing in LNG power stations and oil exploration! Well one minister did say LNG is a renewable energy source. Goal 4 is Quality Education for all. That can only be delivered with better funding but a solar powered schools solution, which would also impact goal 7, is conspicuous by it’s absence.


The UN cannot distance itself from meaningless SDGs

The project is supposed to include public participation: “… in sustainable development, everyone is a user and provider of information considered in the broad sense. That includes data, information, experience and knowledge. The need for information arises at all levels, from that of senior decision-maker at the national and international levels to the grass-roots and individual levels.” What a lie. It should read “The SDGs are controlled by the government“.

Yeah, right. So as a concerned citizen I contacted UNDP Jamaica in Aug 2018 and voiced my concerns about goal 4, Quality Education (below). I was told that the ‘Programmes Unit’ would discuss my analysis with the government body assigned to the SDGs, the Planning Institute of Jamaica PIOJ.


After receiving my proposals the UNDP refused to give me any feedback. Emails to Programmes Unit have gone unanswered and now they have distanced themselves from the process. I was told to contact the PIOJ even though the UNDP know my concerns about the government. On Apr 12 I informed them that my query was not about the PIOJ. I wanted feedback on their discussion about my proposals (below).


Their response was to terminate the discussion. The arrogance of the bastards. Hypocrites.

I contacted the investigation unit of the UNDP ( and this was their conclusion and advice from March 13: “What you’ve described does not fall within OAI’s jurisdiction. The Country Office [UNDP Jamaica] is the most appropriate point of contact for your correspondence. Please continue to follow-up with the Country Office.” So I should continue to contact the people who refuse to answer my questions. Cheers. Correspondences with the headquarters of the UNDP and bodies dedicated to the SDGs have been fruitless.

I am certain that if the UNDP thought that my findings were BS I would have been informed not to bother them. The truth is that the UNDP have their own solar agenda. They recently implemented the “Deployment of Renewable Energy and Improvement of Energy Efficiency in the Public-Sector Project” which was funded by Global Environment Facility (GEF). Quote:

UNDP Resident Representative a.i., Dr Elsie Laurence-Chounoune said UNDP is pleased to be implementing the project in partnership with government as part of its global package of six signature solutions offered to partner governments in pursuit of ending poverty and securing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). UNDP’s signature solution number five focuses on closing the energy gap, she explained, and this in turn will contribute to the achievement of Jamaica’s Vision 2030 National Development Plan, specifically to its energy security and efficiency goal outcome by introducing efficiencies and Solar PV technologies to select type A and type B hospitals across the nation. She further noted that the project will also contribute to the achievement of the SDGs, especially Goal 7 which establishes a vision of Affordable and Clean Energy.

You will note that funding is conspicuous by it’s absence. The UNDP supports an Energy Service Company (ESCO) model – making money from free solar radiation.


Small individually owned solar facilities do not need management companies. These gangsters need to be booted out right now. The UN is keeping Jamaica debt ridden and dependent on charity. UN Dependency Programme is more suitable.


In 2018 I entered the SDG competition because I thought it would be the best forum to get feedback about solar powered schools. Solar power has the potential to take a dent out of the UNESCO $39 billion underfunding not to mention the numerous impacts on other SDGs. Quote: UN Solutions Summit is an annual catalytic gathering at United Nations Headquarters in New York during UN General Assembly high-level week in September. This initiative lifts-up and advances the work of exceptional teams already developing innovative solutions that address the SDGs.

There were more than 600 entries. Solar powered schools did not make the cut but Powerstove Nigeria was one of the 10 finalists. In my humble opinion Powerstove cannot have the global impact of solar powered schools. Not to mention it uses charcoal which is considered the major cause of deforestation in Africa, especially Nigeria the home of Powerstove, and the cost.

Wolves in sheep’s clothing? There is no disguise, the UN and the IMF are the epitome of evil and their critics are few and far between. They are hindrances and doing a grand job for the 1%. Their so called solutions do not create more educated societies because that would challenge the status quo. Educated folk aren’t going to work for a buck per hour for yacht owning rapscallions. Austerity and charity are their solutions.


Just look at Jamaica:

  • The IMF considers profligacy a fiscally sound policy and does not promote state investment in people or profitable infrastructure.
  • The UNDP solar project is for the rich to get richer.
  • The UNDP supports policies that perpetuate poverty and endorses the PM – Jamaica is naturally and irrevocably aligned to the SDGs and at every opportunity we reaffirm our commitment to achieving them.

That statement says it all. That someone could have the balls to deliver such outrageous unthruths speaks volumes…. and nothing can be done about it. How sad.


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